On Camera Body Language Tips

Marketing is all about appearance, and more than 90% of human communication is delivered non-verbally through your body language. In order to give a congruent message, you need to make sure that your body language is confident and matches your words.  If you’re planning to be on camera anytime soon, here are some On Camera Body Language Tips:

1. Speak Clearly

Use that diaphragm! When you feel on the spot, it’s easy to clam up and start whispering to yourself. Remember that just because you can hear yourself talking (and your heart beating in your throat) doesn’t mean that others can. Project as strongly as you can. This will subconsciously raise your confidence levels. Be careful to avoid slumping in your chair, sitting up straight keeps your diaphragm free so you can breathe properly.

2. Relax – You’re on Camera

This isn’t “real life,” so you have permission to mess up. When on camera,  there’s no reason to get too nervous since you can always record another take.  It’s our editor’s job to choose your best version and make you look good.  Keep this in mind at all times, it will help to keep your nerves in check.

3. Stop Fidgeting

It can be difficult to stop, but fidgeting is not only visually distracting to your audience, but it subtly indicates that you don’t have confidence in what you’re saying.

4. Use Normal Gestures

Being self-conscious can make you look stiff.  Try to loosen up and use gestures as well as words. Use them the same way you would in normal daily communication. Try not to think about it too much; let it flow in a conversational way, like you’re talking to your friend.

5. Be Authentic

If you think you can manage it, improvise what you’re going to say on the fly, because it will make your body language appear all the more natural. People trust this a lot more than someone who seems to be reading from a teleprompter. It just shows in someone’s body when they’re parroting a pre-scripted speech.

Regardless of what you do, just remember to do it naturally. Let your body language be authentic – viewers will love you for it!  And videos with a spontaneous feel are a lot more fun to make too.