This is something we get asked a lot: How long should a Marketing Video be?

With online video fast becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, its really important to add video to your internet marketing strategy. So making something catchy and sharable that delivers your message quickly is important.

Looking at the data, when it comes to viewing videos online the average attention span is about 60 seconds. So when someone clicks on your video and sees that’s it’s 5 minutes, chances are they won’t be watching it all the way through. People want their videos to be informative, engaging and to the point. Getting the message delivered quickly before they click away is key.

So when applicable, we like to keep the videos we make tight and around the 1 minute mark.  Start off with a strong message and then finish strong because the simple fact that if your video has a poor viewership or doesn’t get shared – its probably too long.