Wise up to IT – Education Video

This stunning Education Video presents a series of dramatic scenarios used to educate young people about the dangers associated with internet abuse. The world can be an exciting but dangerous place and the Cyber world is no different.

This Education and Training Video series, collectively known as “Wise up to IT” was produced for the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).  At its heart are the stories of four young people who tell stories about cyberbullying, online stalking, internet security and online grooming. The testimonials explain what happened and how they managed the situation.

These training videos prompt users to think about who they are really chatting to online, what personal information they are sharing and if their computer is protected from scams and spyware.

In addition to producing the segments and the overall DVD, Flicks produced all the artwork including an 8-page booklet and managed the duplication of 16,000 copies. Launched during Youth Week, “Wise Up to IT” has become a hugely popular tool for teens and young adults, supported by a national campaign and website.